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If you plan on wearing your collectible, avoid these harmful environmental factors to keep your watch running at its best:

Stay clear of strong magnetic fields. You could magnetize your watch inadvertently and cause erratic movement behaviour. The watch may also stop entirely or gain or lose time. Most modern day mechanical watches have some magnetic resistance, but you should still be careful. If you have an older watch, it may be more at risk.

If you can avoid it, do not wear your watch in extreme temperatures. Moving between excessive hot and cold temperatures can cause parts to expand or contract, which may cause damage to the whole movement. Keeping your watch in extreme heat for too long can also cause your watch’s lubricant to congeal, causing friction on the gears.

And just because a watch is “scratch-resistant” does not mean it is “scratch-proof.” Avoid sharp objects that can damage your watch, as well as water and dirt that can cause damage slowly over time.


Mechanical watches need regular cleaning and oil changes to continue running effectively.

It is much easier to change the oil in a watch than to repair or replace broken components, especially since parts might become outdated. So, even though the average recommendation for regular mechanical maintenance is between four to five years, take your watch for maintenance every two to four years.

It never hurts to be safe.

Pocket watches, on the other hand, are more susceptible to dirt, so regular maintenance should be scheduled every two years.

Watch manufacturers may provide their own recommendations on the maintenance needs of their products as well, so be sure to ask your manufacturer for specific concerns.

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