Can you imagine wearing 18 million US dollars on your wrist? For most, the thought alone is worrisome, but to some of the world’s wealthiest, a renowned and reputable watch is worth the investment. But where do you find the world’s most expensive watches? And what makes them so valuable?

Each watch enthusiast is unique. While some collectors prefer vintage pieces, others like to wear the latest a brand has to offer. Some enthusiasts are loyal to a particular brand of watch, while others appreciate watches from a range of designers. Each collector gravitates to timepieces that speak to their unique preferences. However, there are some traits that all prized wristwatches share.

The most expensive watch brands in the world share the same view on quality, using only the most durable, high-end and valuable of materials when making their creations. Each piece is designed with distinction in mind and perfected until even the most prestigious of clients are in awe of the handywork.

So, what are the top watch brands for men? And which of their watches is the most coveted and highly priced? Check out the top three most expensive watches in the world below:

1. THE JACOB & CO BILLIONAIRE – $18.000.000,00

The Billionaire watch by Jacob & Co speaks for itself. Living up to it’s name, The Billionaire is a masterpiece that consists of 260 carats worth of emerald-cut diamonds embedded in a 18K white gold bracelet. Not for the average watch connoisseur, Jacob & Co designed this watch to signify the absolute pinnacle of opulence and success. Each diamond in The Billionaire is certified by the Gemological Institute of America to ensure it is of the grade available, and the striking blue hands were chosen to capture the attention of all who see this rare showpiece.

The sheer number of diamonds incorporated into this watch, along with the prolific design and notorious branding make it not only one of the most expensive watches in the world, but one of the most revered.

2. PATEK PHILLIPE REF.1518 – $11.100.000,00

If spending $11 million on a wrist watch strikes you as completely ludicrous, not to worry. You probably couldn’t get your hands on this watch even if you wanted to! Sold in auction in 2016, this rare timepiece is an extremely rare wonder due to its stainless steel case.

There are only four of the 1518’s that were made in steel, and all of them are privately owned at present, meaning it’ll likely be a long, long time before one of these four treasures is available for sale again. The four steel 1518’s are also the only perpetual calendar chronographs to be made in stainless steel, making them not just a luxury, but a significant piece of history any collector would be lucky to own.

Since even some of the most avid watch experts and collectors in the world have not seen a steel 1518 in person, this isn’t a watch any enthusiast should hold their breath for. But it is a wonderful creation to study and learn about, since it is also known as one of the most complicated watches ever made.

3. HUBLOT BIG BANG-$5.000.000,00

The most expensive watch ever made by Hublot is self-named. The Hublot features 1,200 diamonds (no, that wasn’t a typo), with six of the diamonds weighing in at more than 3 carats each. To create just one of these watches, 17 people are required and it typically takes 14 months after your order is placed before your limited-edition, elite watch is ready for pick up.

If you’re wondering why you feel like you’ve heard of the Hublot before, it’s likely because you have. Beyonce famously bought a diamond-encrusted Hublot for her rapper and business mogul husband, Jay-Z, for his 43rd birthday.

With a combined total price tag of nearly $34 million dollars, it’s hard to believe that these watches exist, much less that they have all been purchased. But for the world’s most well-to-do aficionados, owning one of the world’s most expensive watches is the ultimate symbol of success. And the feeling that comes with wearing one is worth its weight in gold.

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