So, you’ve made the decision to buy a safe. There are a myriad of reasons why you may have come to this decision. Perhaps you want to protect your most valuable possessions in the event of a home burglary, or maybe you are looking for a more secure way to store your registered firearm. Whatever the reason is, you’re probably now wondering, “Where can I buy a safe?” Surprisingly, the answer to this question isn’t as straightforward as most people think. There are numerous retail outlets and other providers you can purchase a safe from. And depending on whom you ask, you’ll receive a wide range of recommendations. But for those who are wondering where to purchase a safe, the best approach is to do some researching and weigh out the available options, since each avenue comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. For this reason, we’re compiled a list of the various types of safe providers as a means of assisting potential buyers with their purchase decision.


When it comes to how to buy a safe, box retailers are a convenient option— but they aren’t necessarily the best option. Sure, major retail outlets are accessible. But more often than not, they carry low-quality, run-of-the-mill options that have been made using poor construction methods. Additionally, when buying from a box store retailer, you’re less likely to receive knowledgeable advice, since the outlet doesn’t specialise in the sale of safes, exclusively. This is a major concern, especially for potential customers who are wondering how to buy a gun safe, since receiving accurate, proper advice can increase the likelihood that the customer will find the most protective solution.


It is a common misconception that specialty retailers charge more for the same items than larger retail chains. This isn’t necessarily the case. Often times, the prices are impressively comparable. Yet when shopping with a specialty retailer, the customer typically receives better service. This is because most specialty shops are locally owned and operated, giving the retailer more control over return policies, discounts and inventory. This is a major factor to consider, especially if you are wondering where to buy a home safe or a safe that you will use to store sensitive or confidential information. A specialty safe specialist (like Stockinger) is more likely to understand concepts like safe ratings, which will help you keep your prized possessions, confidential files, and other valuables as guarded as possible.


After searching “Where can I buy a safe?” you’ll be presented with a long list of online retailers, including major online players like Amazon and Best Buy. These massive online vendors are appealing to customers because they offer express shipping, and allow potential buyers to complete a purchase from the comfort of their own home. However, if you’re wondering where to buy safes that are top-of-the-line, you’ll want to do a little more digging before clicking the checkout button on one of these major sites. The reality is that, if you want a reliable safe, major online retailers usually have even less knowledge about the product than box store retailers. If you want to the convenience of online shopping with the quality of a specialist retailer, browse Sales Extraordinaire Ltd selection of luxury safes for sale now. Once you have your safe selected, you can reach out to us for a specialty consultation. We provide a level of expertise that major retail chains and online stores simply can’t compete with, and are more likely to work with you to find the ideal solution for your needs.

Now that we’ve covered the three core types of vendors, let’s discuss some of the factors customers should keep in mind when deciding on where to purchase a safe.

Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing a Safe Whether you’re wondering how to buy a home safe, a safe you’ll use for your business, or a simple lock box, there are several components to consider, each of which are crucial to finding your ideal solution.

Here is a list of our top safe buying recommendations: • Determine where your safe will be kept before making a purchase. If your safe will be concealed, you may benefit from a compact model. If it will be out in the open where others can see it, you may want to invest in a bigger model with a more complex locking system in order to deter theft. • Analyze your insurance options. Each retailer will have their own return policies and warranties. It is crucial to look into each coverage plan before deciding where to purchase a safe. • Check out security options. This is imperative for customers who plan to grant multiple people access to their safe, such as businesses or individuals who want their spouse to have access as well. If more than one person will be unlocking the safe, it’s important to be able to revoke that person’s access should circumstances change, and to be able to confirm that only the person you grant access to is able to gain entry. Security options like biometric locks make this easier to manage. • Find out if you need fire-resistance. If you’re just looking for a lockbox to store small amounts of cash in, a fire-resistant solution may not be necessary. But if you are going to be storing paper documents or electronics, you’ll likely want a safe with a specific fire rating in order to avoid damage to your valuables. • Never overlook shipping costs. Whether you’re wondering where to buy a home safe, a gun safe, or a commercial-grade safe, shipping costs should never be disregarded. Safes can be quite heavy, which means shipping will be more expensive. Be sure to ask your chosen retailer what their rates and fees are, and conduct cost comparisons to find the best deal. • Consider cash ratings for insurance purposes. Some insurance providers will pay homeowners more for items that have been stolen from a protected safe than they would if the items had been laying around the home in plain sight. Before making a final decision on where to buy safes, we highly recommend looking into the cash ratings to ensure you’re getting the best coverage. • Look into lock options. There are several different types of locks that safes can have, and each comes with a different level of protection. From combination locks, to key locks and biometric locks, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the best fit for you.

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At Stockinger your personal requirements and visions are centre of attention. 40 years of experience in building safes and safe rooms globally enables us to fulfil close to any requirement, as exceptional as it might be. Discretion and personal consultation are our topmost priorities, we are gladly at your service to manufacture unique safe-masterpieces from a creative vision to outstanding designs with impeccable quality in every detail. The procurement of such exclusive safes and safe rooms requires a high level of trust. This trust from our international clients is most valuable to us and we will do our uttermost to exceed their requirements and expectations.

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