An Ideal Time for Watches

Diversification is a vital strategy for all investors.

That’s precisely why many investors are putting passion into their portfolios and turning to alternative investments. The days when portfolios were only filled with shares, cash and bonds are long gone. Today, alternative assets — such as stamps, coins, antiques, watches, classic cars, rare books and so on — play an increasingly vital role in contributing to someone’s overall wealth.

Watches, in particular, have commanded increasingly high price tags.

According to the Coutts Index of precious items, which includes jewellery and classic watches, watch prices have been on a general upward trajectory. Jewellery and classic watches have almost tripled in price since 2005. Of course, both classifications lost value during the global recession, but their price returns before and after were extremely strong, as you can see in the chart below

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* Coutts index taken from Coutts magazine report 2016

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